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K.K. Metal News
Feb 2016

  • EHRT copper punching and copper bending machine added

Dec 2015

  • Second Trumpf laser welding cell added

Nov 2015

  • 2 unit Trumpf Trubend bending machine added

July 2014

  • 1 unit CNC Lathe added

June 2014

  • 1 unit Robotic Tig Weld added
  • 1 unit Trumpf 7000 Laser Tube added

Feb 2014

  • 1 unit Punching machine added

Dec 2013

  • 1 unit 200 tonnes Stamping machine added  

Sep 2013

  • 1 unit Brystronic Xcite bending machine added

Dec 2012

  • 1 unit of 300 Tons Double Crank Stamping machine added

Nov 2012

  • 1 unit of Trumpf Fiber Laser 5030 added

Nov 2012

  • 1 unit of STAR SB-20 Type A added

Oct 2011

  • 1 unit of Bystronic 2D Laser Cutting machine added

Aug 2011

  • 1 unit of TRUMPF TruDisk 2602 3D Laser welding and  cutting system added

June 2011

  • 1 unit of TRUMPF Pressbrake, Trubend 7036 added

July 2010 

  • 1 unit of Feeler machining center added, table size 1600mm x 800mm

May 2010

  • 1 unit of KUKA robotic welding machine added

Jan 2010

  • 1 unit of Trumpf combination machine TruMatic 6000 added

Nov 2009

  • 1 unit of Trumpf punching machine TC2000R added

June 2009

  • RoHS comply alodine treatment line added

April 2009

  • 1 Kuka robotic welding machine added
  • 1 unit of Trumpf punching machine TC 2000R added
  • 1 unit of Trumpf laser machine L3030 added
  • 5 Amada press brake added


March 2009

  • New block of factory ready

Aug 2008

  • KK factory expansion. Another 3 blocks of factory will be ready by Nov 08. 

Oct 2007

  • New CMM added to provide reliable and high quality measurement.   

Aug 2007

  • KK has achieved the ISO 9001:2000 recertification on 15 Aug 2007


Dec 2007

  • Two (2) Production Centre were added.
  • The new Auto Powder Coating Line with DI Water has begun operation.




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Our workplace is well equipped for sheet metal work as follows:
Laser Welding : Trumpf TruDisk 2602
3D Laser Cutting : Trumpf TruDisk 2602
Fiber Laser Cutting : Trumpf Fiber Laser 5030
Laser Tube Cutting : Trumpf 7000 Laser Tube
Laser Cutting : Trumatic 6000 Laserpress, Bystronic Byspeed 3015 & Bystronic Bysprint 3015
Punching : Finn-Power SG6, Amada Vipros 357, Amada 357, Amada 344, Amada 245, Amada 244 & Muratec
Bending : RAS, Gasparini, Amada 1253E, Amada 8025E, Amada RG100, Amada RG80, Amada RG50 & AAA
Turning and Machining : STAR & Hartford
Shearing : LVD, Amada & Pearson
Stamping : AIDA, KOMATSU, SEYI (25 to 500 tonnes)
Welding : MIG, TIG, Robotic welding, Gas welding & Spot welding
Powder Coating : Three (3) powder coating lines
Secondary Operations and Sub-Assembly

Laser Welding

Enable narrow welding seam, minimum heat affected zone, little distortion of joining parts, high process speed and eliminate past processing such as grinding and straightening.

3D Laser Cutting

Can laser cut 3D profile.

Fiber Laser Cutting

Besides conventional metals, it can also cut brass and copper up to 4mm.

Laser Tube Cutting

It can laser cut tubes and profiles.

Laser Cutting

The punching and laser combination machine, Trumatic 6000L and laser machines Bystronic Byspeed 3015, Bystronic Bysprint 3015 is ideal for R&D, short production runs and producing parts that required thicker sheet of material. The typical sheet metal sizes for our laser machine are 4x8?and 5x10? and the material thickness can range from the thinness thickness up to 25mm (1 inch) depending on the selection of materials (Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium alloys, etc.)


CNC Turret Punch Press is ideal for short to medium production runs. The absence of tool building time and the flexibility to make changes to the design make it a better choice for lower volume requirements. Our CNC Turret Presses (Finn-Power SG6, Amada & Murata) can accommodate sheets of metal up to 5x10? Depending on the metal being processed, 6mm is about the maximum thickness of the sheet that can be punched on a Turret Press. For thicker metal, we would use a Laser cutting machine.


Our RAS, Gasparini and Amada Press Brake can bend up to 3m (10? and with tonnage ranges from 35-125 tons.

Turning and Machining

We offer a range of CNC turning equipments (STAR SR20 & SE-16) capable of producing precision turned components. Vertical milling and tapping complementing the CNC turning section is provided by Hartford Vertical Machining Centre.


Our LVD, Amada and Pearson shears will meet all your shearing needs.


Stamping process is a great option for high volume projects that are not threatened by design changes. Tooling is designed to fit in our Stamping Machines ranging in size 25-500 tons. Modular tooling is a single tool, or a set of tools, which is designed to blank, pierce, form or draw sheet metal in order to manufacture a specific part. Progressive tooling is a single tool that consists of numerous stages or operations. A coil of metal is fed into the progressive tooling before the operation begins. Each time the press make a stroke cycle, the strip is advanced and another process is completed. The last process would be separating the finished part from the strip. In addition, we have in-house Tool & Die Department to produce metal stamping moulds and dies.


We offer Spot welding, Gas welding, MIG/TIG and Robotic welding.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a complete dry finishing process, where finely ground particles of pigment and resin are electro-statically charged and sprayed onto the metal parts.


K. K. Metal : Our Facilities
Our workplace is well equipped for sheet metal work which includes Laser Cutting, Punching, Bending, Turning and Machining, Shearing, Stamping, Welding, Powder Coating, etc.

K. K. Metal : Our Services
Combining advanced technology, expertise and effective management, we strive to maintain high standards and produce top quality products to cater for the market demands.

K. K. Metal : Our Products
Backed by computer aided technology, we have the capabilities to produce intricately designed and high quality products of all ranges for our clients.

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